ADD/ADHD Coaching in Seattle and Nationwide by Phone 

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Welcome to my website!  I'm a Senior Certified ADHD Coach and a Certified Stress Management Coach in Seattle who has been coaching women with ADHD since 2003. 

Many of my women clients struggle with all the responsibilities that fall on their shoulders. The added challenge of ADHD makes it even harder to keep track of commitments, prioritize, and follow through. It’s common for women with ADHD to react to all the pressure by feeling overwhelmed, anxious, or paralyzed. They may not know what to do first or criticize themselves for what they perceive as "not being good enough." If any of this description fits you, I can help. Please contact me for a free telephone consultation. I offer: 

  • Non-judgmental listening, understanding, and support
  • Methods and systems for organizing, prioritizing, planning, and following through
  • Strategies for self-care - exercise, nutrition, getting enough sleep, setting limits, and stress management 
  • Ideas to help you be more aware, proactive, and positive in your thoughts, behaviors, and habits   
  • Help with standing back and looking at the big picture in order to recognize your strengths, see areas that could use more attention, and spend your time in ways that enhance your life 
  • Email or text check-ins between sessions for encouragement, support, and accountability. 

For further information: ADD/ADHD Coaching for Women    Most of my coaching is over the phone, so it doesn't matter where you live. We can talk when you're at work during your lunch break, when you're at home in comfortable surroundings, or basically in any setting that is convenient for you. And you won't have to pay for parking or deal with Seattle traffic. Through the years, I've helped many women make positive changes in their lives. 

If you could use some help, please contact me for a free telephone consultation. I look forward to talking with you!

ADD is both a gift and a challenge. You may be:

  • A creative thinker - great at coming up with new ideas
  • Capable of giving undivided and sustained attention to things you enjoy
  • Willing to take risks and think "outside the box"
  • Imaginative and good at fantasizing
  • Great in situations that require quick thinking
  • Talkative and often witty

And you may struggle with:

  • Clutter - in your environment and your mind
  • Being chronically late
  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • Jumping from thing to thing and having difficulty starting or finishing tasks or projects
  • Not knowing how to plan for the future, prioritize, or keep track of commitments
  • Self-doubt and putting yourself down