ADD/ADHD Coaching for Women in Seattle and Nationwide by Phone 

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Welcome to my website!  I have been a Certified Life and ADHD coach since 2003, now exclusively coaching women with ADD/ADHD.

I help my clients develop control over the practical aspects of life - planning, prioritizing, organizing, and following through. I also help women learn how to take better care of themselves and develop more self-awareness,  self-acceptance, and self-forgiveness - all keys to reducing stress and functioning better.

Most of my coaching is over the phone nationwide, so it doesn't matter where you live. I also offer home or work visits for women in Seattle - north of the ship canal. Please contact me for a free telephone consultation if you would like an experienced, compassionate, non-judgmental coach who can help you learn:

  • Creative and individualized methods to keep track of your commitments, plan, prioritize, and get things done!
  • Techniques to organize your space, paperwork, and belongings
  • Skills to reduce stress and feel less overwhelmed or anxious
  • Ways to feel more accepting, kind, and appreciative towards yourself instead of putting yourself down
  • Strategies for self-care (without guilt) so you can function at your best and feel better mentally, emotionally, and physically

I offer email or text check-ins between sessions for encouragement and support. Through the years, I've helped many women make positive changes in their lives and feel a lot better about themselves.  

For further information: ADD/ADHD Coaching for Women    

If you could use some help, please contact me for a free telephone consultation. I look forward to talking with you!

ADD is both a gift and a challenge. You may be:

  • A creative thinker - great at coming up with new ideas
  • Capable of giving undivided and sustained attention to things you enjoy
  • Willing to take risks and think "outside the box"
  • Imaginative and good at fantasizing
  • Great in situations that require quick thinking
  • Talkative and often witty

And you may struggle with:

  • Clutter - in your environment and your mind
  • Being chronically late
  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • Jumping from thing to thing and having difficulty starting or finishing tasks or projects
  • Not knowing how to plan for the future, prioritize, or keep track of commitments
  • Self-doubt and putting yourself down