For High School and College Students with ADD/ADHD to Read

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If you are like many high school and college students with ADD/ADHD, you may be very intelligent. You might even have advanced academic skills, but your grades don’t always show it. This is not your fault. ADD is medical diagnosis that can cause problems in executive functioning which translates into forgetting things, being disorganized, procrastinating, spacing out, feeling restless so you can’t focus or listen very well, having a poor sense of time, and other challenges depending on who you are.

I think it’s encouraging to know that there are many very successful people who have learned how to manage those ADD challenges. Some of them have even said that they believe ADD/ADHD helped them get where they are. Here is a sprinkling of the most famous with ADHD and/or learning disabilities:

Justin Timberlake - Grammy Award Winning Singer
Vince Vaughn – Actor
Ty Pennington – Host of TV show Extreme Makeover, Home Edition
Paul Orfalea – Founder of Kinkos
Gavin Newsom – Youngest mayor of San Francisco
Jamie Oliver – Chef and TV star
Will Smith – Rapper and Actor
Jim Carrey – Actor and Comedian
David Neeleman – Founder of Jet Blue Airways
Richard Branson – Founder of the Virgin Companies, including Virgin Airways
Michael Phelps – Olympic swimmer and winner of numerous gold medals

If I become your coach, we’ll work on the ADD/ADHD related difficulties that are keeping you from meeting your goals and reaching your dreams. I’ll help you with time management, organizational skills, planning, focus issues, and more. If you have just been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD or haven’t discussed it much, you may have lots of questions. Why are certain things harder for me? What will help? Will my ADD/ADHD get better or go away? During coaching, I can address most of your questions.

As a coach, I'm completely on your side and believe that you’re the expert in your own life. My job is to ask questions and offer suggestions so you can decide what strategies, tools, or external structures will benefit you the most. What can I do that will be the most help? We won’t spend a lot of time analyzing why you do things that are holding you back. We’ll mostly look at what is happening day to day and figure out together how you can move ahead. When you discover ways to manage your ADD/ADHD, new possibilities will open up and you will feel so much more in charge of your life.